Monday, October 12, 2009

Chevrolet Camaro 2009

Chevrolet Camaro 2009 - a sports car of the XXI century, absorbed the spirit of previous models. It combines a beautiful appearance and excellent performance quality, high technology and surprising efficiency.

RWD Camaro equipped with a choice of one of the two V-shaped engine - 6-cylinder or 8-cylinder (for a version of SS). All models are equipped with six-speed manual or automatic transmission, contributing to lower fuel consumption. Application of high-tech systems, such as direct fuel injection system and Active Fuel Management, enable to achieve an optimal balance between dynamics and fuel economy.

The new Camaro, of course, reflects the global nature of the design process of the corporation GM. The design concept car was developed in the United States, the technical filling created by the Australian branch of GM - by Holden, refinement was carried out on the roads all over the world, and the assembly is carried out at a factory in the Canadian city of Oshawa.

Design of the new Camaro is very close to the original model. This underlines the continuity of generations between the sports car of the XXI century and the first models of Camaro. The long front overhang, combined with short rear give the new Camaro classic proportions, as well as a sleek windshield profile, wide-set wheels and relief forms of the wings. All this gives the car unwavering confidence and aggressiveness.

Elements such as V-shaped front of the car, the side "gills" behind the doors and wide "shoulders" of the rear wings are the hallmarks of the new Camaro. They make it unmistakable, but at the same time, fit perfectly in the current image of the exterior of the car. Modernity is added, and large (18 ", 19" or 20 ") wheels.

Keen balance of tradition and modernity in the design and attention to detail also characterizes the interior of Chevrolet Camaro. Two deep-set instrument with round dials on the dashboard of a rectangular echo the design of classic Camaro. At the same time, the LED illumination fills the interior special, attracting light. In standard upholstery tissue. By order can be established chairs with leather trim and heated.

Details such as chrome controls, do not create glare surface and high-quality finishing materials give the luxury saloon, unprecedented for the previous Camaro and challenging contemporary competitors. By order of the central panel can be additionally installed a combination of devices, is a replica of a similar option of classic Camaro 1969 model year. It consists of pressure gauges and temperature of the engine oil level indicator and charge the battery indicator temperature of working fluid transmission. All units have a modern LED backlighting.

In addition, items such as doors without window frames with automatic priopuskayuschimisya during the opening of doors windows, heighten the sense of quality, consistency and technical mastery.

Chevrolet Camaro has an independent suspension all wheels. Power steering with variable gain and steering rack, which is to improve the weight balance of the car and gain feedback from the driver is installed in front of the front axle.

Four wheel disc brakes are installed. SS version is equipped with 4-piston brake calipers produced by Brembo. The standard equipment includes electronic versions of all the dynamic stabilization system and StabiliTrak traction control system. On the SS version can be installed dual-mode (normal / sport modes) electronic system of dynamic stabilization, as well as system launch control (in the version with manual transmission). The standard equipment includes six airbags, including side airbags and inflatable curtains window

Chevrolet Camaro is also equipped with the following systems that enhance its performance, convenience and comfort: Is designed to connect a cell phone to the car on the protocol Bluetooth, high quality sound system produced by Boston, has a USB connector for connecting external devices. As additional equipment available to the system projecting the readings, not the windshield, rear ultrasonic parking sensors, remote engine start.

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